League Rules

The league will adopt OVA rules, and the following will be considered as interpretations, clarifications or additions to such rules.

Our league has a Zero tolerance policy for aggressive behaviour! All participating players have agreed with the league’s waiver form in order to play any of the league’s games.

Match Start
Last game ends
1st default
2nd default
3rd default/4th default/match
9:15 pm

The intent is to start and move the games as quickly as possible, and will be the responsibility of the referee to begin each game on time. The teams themselves are responsible to ensure that they have an adequate warm-up in the time allotted.

The time will be set according to the referee’s own timepiece, and not necessarily to the clocks on the gym walls. Only 1 timeout per game, none in game 5.

The fifth game in each match shall be to 15 points, subject to a cap of 15, all other games are a cap of 25 and subject to not exceeding the allotted time (see above)(if score at the end of the allotted time is a tie, is OK) if game not played it will result in a tie.

Playoff positioning in the event of a tie will be determined first on the basis of a head to head games won/lost between the teams in question, and secondly by a total points for and total points against differential for all games in the season.

Defaulted games will be awarded as 25-0 victories for non-defaulting team. In the event both teams default, both teams will be awarded losses and no points awarded for either scored or against.

We will continue to use the libero position and net serves allowed, but any contact with the net will be deemed a fault.

Twelve substitutions are the maximum permitted per team per set. Substations of one or more players is permitted at the same time.

A player in the starting line-up may leave the set and re-enter, but only in his previous position in the line-up.

A substitute may enter a set in the position of the starting line-up.

Unlimited individual entries by a substitute within the team’s allowable 12 substitutions are permitted. Each entry must be to the same position in the line-up.

More than one substitute may enter the set in each position.

The sanction for a wrong position entry request is an improper request.

An injured player (except the libero) who cannot continue playing should be substituted legally. If this is not possible, the team is entitle to make an exceptional substitution.

Players must play at least 25% of regular season matches to be eligible to play in the playoffs. All players listed must play a game unless injured.

A replacement player may play only if team is short and he may only play 5 matches maximum in a season.

Players will sign in with their names

Five players are needed to begin a match(suited and ready for play), teams can only finish games with 5 players (4 players is a default), and the missing position will be played as a “ghost”. That is, the serve and a point is defaulted at the time the missing player is to serve and if the missing players position rotates to the front row, only two players are considered as front row players.

Games called/postponed due to weather shall be at the discretion of the league convener only.